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This version is Hollywood FX 5.0, so you can use this in Adobe Preniere 7 - CS3;

In the stand-alone mode, a file HfxEdt5.vfx is located in a folder called Host Plugs in Edition:
C:Program FilesPinnacleHollywood FX 5Host PluginsEditionHfxEdt5.vfx
Copy this file HfxEdt5.vfx, rename it to HfxEdt5.prm and move it to :
C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere Pro 2.0Plug-insfr_FR HfxEdt5.prm

Once this is done, HFX is fully functional in Adobe Premiere Pro V1.x, V2.x, V3.x
For HFX V5.5 and above, no possibility to integrate HFX and Premiere...