Jonathan Magonet
"Talking to the Other: Jewish Interfaith Dialogue with Christians and Muslims"
I. B. Tauris (2003) | English | ISBN 186064905X | 245 pages | PDF | 1.50 MB

Rabbi Jonathan Magonet has long been engaged in a dialogue between Jews and Muslims. For over 30 years he has organized the annual Jewish-Christian-Muslim student conference in Basle, and has lectured on these themes, and participated himself in interfaith conferences all over the world. In this book he explores the issues that arise in such an encounter, the traps that so easily hinder relationships, and the historical and theological problems to be confronted once a basis of trust has been established. As well as examining specific areas that need to be addressed in the Jewish encounter with Christians and Muslims, he challenges the Jewish community to broaden its commitment to interfaith dialogue in a complex and rapidly changing world.

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