Brigitte Marechal, Stefano Allievi, Felice Dassetto & Jorgen Nielsen,
"Muslims in the Enlarged Europe: Religion and Society (Muslim Minorities, Vol.2)"

Brill (2003) | English | ISBN:9004132015 | 635 pages | PDF | 2.40 MB

This volume describes the main characteristics of contemporary European Islam. Following an outline of the historical background and some statistics related to the presence of Islam in Europe, the process of growth, and the development of Islam is analysed through religious instruction in educational systems, organizational structures and the forms of political participation by Muslims. In addition to a description of the relationship between European states and Islam in judicial terms, the different types of the inclusion/integration of Islam in European society is studies by looking at the media, the relations between religions, economic and international dimensions, and the manner in which have changed following the events of Sept 11th 2001. Based on extensive bibliographical research, field studies and specific contributions of scholars, this volume provides a useful overall review for a wide public.

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