Hi every one

i m so sorry to write in english, because i dont have arabic character in my keybord and windows setting

So, highway story's is an open game and free, developped by small team international (tunisia, belgic, martinique, france, ...) named DreamNet

the leader of project is Achraf from Tunisia and leader of the dreamNet team. this team contain a scenarist, gamedesign, developpers

but we don't have 3D modeler, so i look to find in this website some modelers to join the team

the game is a racing car in highway

website : http://dreamnet.danux.org/forums/index.php Sorry the website is in frensh

so you can contact me in mail for more information : autoroute_game@live.fr

i hope that some members of this forum join our team to exchange experience and launch the first arabic racing game