Since we announced Maya Personal Learning Edition six
weeks ago, we have been inundated with requests by
people eagerly awaiting its release. We are
thrilled to now make our world-class 3D software
available to you for non-commercial use at no cost. The
CD will be available for order later in March.

Here are a couple of important details:

1. Maya Personal Learning Edition is available for the
following platforms:
-Windows NT, 2000 Professional, and XP
-Mac OS X
-Note: It is *NOT* available for Windows ME or other
earlier versions of Windows.

2. You may experience delays in downloading the
software. The demand for Maya Personal Learing Edition
has been huge. We have done our best to
optimize the delivery system, but if you do experience
delays, please bear with us and try again shortly.

When you sign-up for Maya Personal Learning Edition you
can also register for our web community resource center
at the same time. When you join, you'll
get FREE access to additional tutorials, discussion
forums, content exchanges, and other cool stuff like
free shaders, files, models etc. We highly encourage you
to join to further enrich your learning experience.

On behalf of everyone at Alias|Wavefront, we hope that
you enjoy your Maya Personal Learning Edition. Whether
you are new to 3D or an old pro, be prepared for a wild
and exciting ride.

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