this is some of my old work

what do you think ????

لا تحرمونا من نقدكم ...

these 2 photos are taken from a movie that i did
the movie is about 2 min in length this is why the reselution of the objects are low


this is a project for an architectural student in my univercity
مشروع لطالب هندسة معمارية اسمه سلام
he made the building is created by autocad
i did the material and lighting


the last phot is done by my students
i teach max


what is your opinions

by the way people

لدي فكرة , ان نجحت ستحول المنتدى الى شعلة نار...

اخبركم بها قريبا ان شاء الله


لا تحرمونا من نقدكم ...

or cewolf