Zbrush training Course in Kuwait

we at professional labs are happy to announce the special training course for

pixologic's Zbrush , this training course will be heldn in kuwait
and will cover the following materials :

Z brush Syllabus
Interface and Concepts
1. Workspace
2. Pixels and Pixols
3. Documents, Tools and Models
4. Introduction to sculpt
Sculpting form
Creating Custom Brushes
1. Edit curve
2. Smoothening Curver
3. Saving as Macros
4. Saving as presets
Using Generic base Mesh
Sculpting a Character from imported mesh
Exporting to 3d Software
1. Alpha as a brush shape
2. Alpha as a Texture Stamp
3. Alpha as a Stensil
4. Masking by Alpha
Creating Custom Alphas
Creating Alphas in photoshop
Creating Alphas in Zbrush
Combining Alphas
Creating Character Details from a color map
ZSphere modeling Anatomy
Building a Zspere Chain
Attractor ZSphere
Sculpting Anatomical Form
Texture Painting in UV space
UVs in Zbrush
AUV and GUV tile
Importing UV from 3d Software
Projection Painting Technique
Plain projection technique
ZBrush to Photoshop Workflow
Referencing image technique
Retopology, Transpose and Mesh Extraction
Normal Map
Importing topology to Zbrush to Create Normal Map
Lights and Rendering
Materials and Matcap Materials
Rendering Shadows and Fog
Compositing in Zbrush

places are limited and will be available for CITIZENS of Kuwait,

no online studies , this crash course will be in seven working

days ( excluding weekends ) for three hours each day , this

project driven intensive course will coast 500 Kuwaiti dinars for
each participant and requires good English language and preferred
good background in graphics, computers and art .

the .pdf file contains the application form please download it and

fill it and send it to both of the following e-mails with a

subject of " ZBRUSH TRAINING IN KUWAIT " with your telephone and

mobile number so that we call you and send our representative to

collect the fees and give you a Receipt of your money according to

the terms mentioned in the application form . the e-mails are :



Candidate should pay 50% of the fees at the time of registration.
Remaining 50% of the fees should be paid on the first day of the


Cancellation of registration can be done Prior 10 days before the

course starts Unless the fees wouldn’t be refundable.

Institute would not be responsible for missing of any topic in

case of absentee.

places are so limited so the sooner the better for you to get a


dates will be assigned later according to the best fitting days

that suits the participants and we have all the rights to declare
the times and dates which might be changed under any situations

please let me know if you need the form in a .DOC format

if you can print the form and keep a hard printed copy of it just

in case needed when you meet the representative for payments