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    Dec 2005
    وطنى هنا او قل هنالك حيث يبعثها المنادى الله اكبر

    لايت ويفMaking of

    السلام عليكم
    بدون تعليق
    I am proud to present this book to all that you are all great artist. La espera was created entirely in Light Wave. At first we used the 9.3 version which had already incorporated significant advances in fast skin y global light, then look at version 9.6 I could see that the improvements were even more notable, therefore rendering was released this latest version. In the following pictures you can see the modeling process.

    Note that Light Wave is often occasionally send error and therefore lose the model file or scene. The solution to this sort of trouble to duplicate objects. This copy of objects given the chance to show more details in the modeling process.

    As will have been created by separate objects with a level of detail in May. Then the model is subdivided and then can merge the polygons, but we must take into account the number of points that were generated as they should be equal in one in another. This technique avoids odd merge point resulting in a rectangular grid and without triangulation.

    We demonstrated binding of the subdivision and separate objects. Then the basic model of the body and the shirt.In Modeler, the shirt has a minimal amount of polygons because they use the Layout for Node displacement for details. Geometry tab in the Display subpatch level increase to 30 and get the desired results. Also joining the head to the body and wrinkles added in the neck. In the last image we'll work to modeling is completed. Spline included for the hair, eyelashes modeling, and hand. The hair has Spline type guides. These few guidelines are sufficient for Fiver FX make abundant hair.

    The eyelashes were created with Sub patch (see picture below for details) The hands lack of details in some areas. For example, it was not necessary to create all the finger, only the thumb (finger only speaker on the stage) others missing in the scene. To avoid unnecessary work, with a previously saved scene type "Layout" with the corresponding camera position. They identify the sections that needed work and what not.

    Final details

    The eye has several layers with different volume to depth. The iris, translucency and reflection is responsible for capturing the brightness of the light.
    As for the brightness of the main light, use a plane with polygons and properties of UV map with Luminusity 500%. This site also served as HDRI for its high light irradiation. As you can see in the bottom of the chair, a set of polygons created in low-quality function to act as generators of shadow. Final model with preview of textures please see below. Note: All textures are 360 degrees. Surface baking camera option gives us this possibility.

    Layout composition

    The images are displayed on their own. It often happens that when you view the screen shot of setup is more explicit that the words.

    3544 2 lights Area type (main and lateral support for filling) accompanied by global light more HIDRI up the entire lighting system. 8 in quality and avoid noise in the projection of shadows that even 6 is sufficient.

    It is here, among other things, I decided to rendering in version 9.6. Unlike previous versions 9.6 incorporates "Use gradient and Use bumps." These options add additional details important to finish, especially the Nodes fast skin.
    In postproduction Noise is added, a point of blur, chromatic aberration 1 px, is working on the curves and the variation of tones. Many critics see the book suggested a change in tone with a tendency brown to generate drama buff but I have decided to change slightly towards the blue due to almost 50% is skin and my fear was the monotony of color. On the other hand I have played through a dramatic look lost and calm, being patient in waiting for their lunch time. Hence the derivation of the title.

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    Email: info@buildmultimedia.com.ar
    Web-site: www.buildmultimedia.com.ar
    Profile: jorge-suarez.3dm3.com
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    دعونا نخلع قبعاتنا (طبعا اللى لابس قبعات )
    لهذا العملاق


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