salam 3alaykoum
Finally, there is a choice for more quality effects and more individual renderings in CINEMA 4D! finalToon, the Non Photo Realisitc Rendering (NPR) standard on all versions of 3ds Max, which comes as part of finaRender Stage-2 R2, opens up a whole new world of illustration and cartoon rendering effects for which finalToon has become famous. The unique look, that finalToon creates, has allowed many studios around the globe to win hundreds of awards for their creations. One great example is the praised Warner Brothers’ Kids full feature movie, “Laura’s Star,” created by CartoonFilm Germany which was awarded “Outstanding Children or Youth Film”.
Until now, there has been no real choice for CINEMA 4D users, who have wanted to express themselves with professional 3D cartoon or NPR renderings, in general. A highly accurate line and cartoon rendering system like finalToon was just missing. The wait is over, now! cebas announces its upcoming release of finalToon for CINEMA 4D, offered as a standard option with finalRender Stage-2 R2.
finalToon for finalRender Stage-2 R2 is a full blown True Line Renderer (TLR), with unparalleled line quality and rendering speed. finalToon is implemented in two ways: as a native finalRender “Post Effect," which creates and renders ultra fast outlines and in the form of advanced finalToon shaders, so that users can enjoy all the great benefits of such an implementation. finalToon perfectly supports finalRender Stage-2 R2 with all of its advanced options, including GI rendering and hatching for cartoon style objects!