i have downloaded a 30 day version of a new program, called Xfrog that i
wanted to share with you my experiences, as it seems very powerful - it is
procedural and uses a network of connected nodes to create organic shapes
and animations , and they have some free plugins for 3ds max 5, maya 4.5,
lightwave 7.5 and cinema4d R 8. it seems very easy to build really nice
models of trees, flowers, cacti, and animate them. they sell over 1000
plant models tropical, desert, usa, europe, asia, flowers and so far those
look pretty sweet.
nice gallery
http://www.xfrogdownloads.com/greenw...lleryStart.htm ( kicks
ass )

Xfrog down-load ( everything works for a month freeee )

plants models
( -----> zoom into the renders in the PDFs sweeeeet ! )