About the Matrox VFW capture driver
The Matrox VFW capture driver allows you to use your Matrox RT hardware with your Video for Windows program to capture analog video. The Matrox realtime plug-in for Adobe Premiere lets you capture analog and DV clips with your Matrox RT system. By using the Matrox VFW capture driver, however, you can capture analog clips using capture programs other than Adobe Premiere, such as Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video. You can also use the Matrox VFW capture driver with many messenger and video conferencing programs (such as Microsoft NetMeeting) to send streaming video over the internet or your corporate intranet.

In our testing, we have had success using the Matrox VFW capture driver with the following programs:

Sonic Foundry Vegas Video
Microsoft NetMeeting
Ulead MediaStudio Pro
Ulead DVD Workshop
Ulead DVD Movie Factory
Yahoo Messenger
Windows XP Movie Maker