Panopticum Lens Pro III 3.5 for Adobe Premiere Plug-Ins
Panopticum Lens Pro III 3.5 - is a new plug-in module for Adobe Premiere - is a big and universal set of effects for creation of Lenses, Crystals, Glass and Crystalline objects. Panopticum Lens Pro III consists of two such filters as Lens Pro 3 and Universal Lens.
Lens Pro 3 filter is a universal tool for designing realistic lenses and 3D-crystals as well as crystalline 3D-models.
This set contains:
7 kinds of lenses: Ellipse, Square, Droplet, Torus, Border, Clam and Rose;
15 kinds of 3D crystals: Cube, Cube Bevel, Prism, Prism Polygon, Prism Polygon Bevel, Prism Polygon Bevel and Back, Pyramid, Pyramid Back, Pyramid Polygon, Pyramid Polygon and Back, Diamond, Star, Tetrahexahe-dron, Hexoctahedron, Resolit;
VRML mode for import of the 3D models in VRML format into your project.

The set of parameters Particles System will help you to create quickly a system of lens and crystal particles. You can adjust parameters of particles' movement and create interesting effects as well as animate backgrounds.
All effects of lenses and crystals contain a wide range of adjustable parameters of their shape, optical properties, position and illumination. Optical properties of lenses and crystals allow adjusting refraction, colour deviation of the glass, its volume, direction and color of high light.
DownLoad Panopticum Lens Pro III 3.5. + KeyGen. 5,5Mb.