البرنامج ممتازوجميل شوفو بيعينكم شو بيساوي والصيغ يلي بيحولها

Convert avi to VCD/DVD/SVCD compliant mpeg files.
Convert mpeg file to avi.
Convert mpeg file to divx.
Join avi or mpeg files to a larget mpeg file.
Join avi or mpeg files to a larget avi file.
Avi to divx(change codec of avi files).
Change format of mpeg files (PAL<==>NTSC).
Extract audio from video files .
Extract images from video files.
Support DivX/XviD avi format .
Support MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 video format .
Support MPEG layer1, layer2, layer3 audio format.
10 output video effects.(flip,soften,sharpen...).
Skinable UI with 3 built-In skins.
Output preview