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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أعضاء فريق العمل لشبكة العلوم المعمارية

أخواني وأخواتي في الله،
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وبعد،
على بركة الله سوف نبدأ عملنا قريبا بإذن الله هذه رسالة دعوة لكم للمشاركة معنا في هذا الفريق من خلال هذا "الجروب"
أرجو منكم الرد على هذه الدعوة وذلك كما يلي:

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Learn about archweb Members: 3 Date Founded: Aug 19, 2004 Mailing list type: Members Discussion Our motto is:
Together we build our globe with better knowledge and best actions.
Architecture & Urbanization team members are inviting you to join hands to attain our distinctive goal of “Making Life”. Let’s start by reconciling our differences, bridging the gaps; between students and teachers, specialists and amateurs, architects and researchers.

Our team is the vital link, whether you’re a student, an architect, a teacher, a specialist or a researcher you are all invited to take part and join us in making our Future!

Our activities mainly constitute the following:

• Scientific Research for the concepts and rules of architecture.
• Discussions and debates about the science of architecture.
• Making use of the past experiences.
• Analysis and assessing architectural designs.
• Awareness of the problems facing architecture & cultural development, and finding solutions for them.

With all our best wishes

Praying for Mr. Amr Khaled that Allah would grant him more success in what he’s doing, for indeed Sunaa al-Hayah “Life Makers”, deserves to be the only window to hope in an era of fraud.

May Allah grant us all the success,

A member of Architectural Science Network