salamo 3alaikom
Im a bigenner in video editing, i ask for a software for video tracking, simple and easy to use it
example of softwares for this jub, i want only one!!
1. Realviz Matchmover: (Win, OSX, Linux)
2. 2d3 Boujou: (Win, OSX, Linux)
3. Science D Visions 3D Equalizer: (Win, OSX, Linux, Sgi)
4. Hammerhead ras_track: (Linux, Sgi)
5. Alias Maya Live: (Win, Linux, Sgi) A tracker that is built into Maya Unlimited. It was licensed technology from a company called Alchemy 3D, that was later bought by Synapix who went belly up a few year ago. Not a very good tracker compared to many of the standalone ones, but it works ok for day to day matchmoves.
6. AFX Scene Genie: (Win)
7. Mamoe: (Win, Sgi)
8. PFTrack/PFMatch: (Win, OSX, Linux, Sgi) Previously called Icarus, and developed at the Victoria University of Manchester.
9. Mokey/Monet: (Win, OSX, Linux, Irix)
10. SynthEyes: (Win)
11. Voodoo Camera Tracker: (Win, Linux)