for IT

At CompEx for IT we have set the example for having an outstanding track record for delivering complex, high-quality computer services on time, within budget with a full grantee of customer satisfaction since 1992.because we pursue innovation and quality accreditation in IT realm.

We focus in our service in developing and delivering up-to-date technology for human resources.

Software production

We developed a top-notch web based application that encompasses a wide spectrum from universities, institutes, and other educational services providers. The education management solution, we devised, cope and fulfill this arising need for a specialized system to serve the educational process .Enlightenment is what we all seek


Accordingly, CompEx for IT offers the most comprehensive training courses in the field of information technology, with the maximum amount of information packed into every course.

CompEx for IT has become in a very short period since 1992, the main supplier for the technical training courses for IBM Education center in Cairo
At the beginning of 1994, CompEx for IT established its own IBM Authorized Education Center in Maadi, and according to the market need and customers’ requirement, another center was established in Alexandria at 1999
CompEx for IT is willing to look into any requirement customers may
have at their premises for providing special courses

Maadi Center

8 road 257 Street, Maadi

Cairo, Egypt.
Tel. No : 202-5194591 / 202-5194663
Fax No : 202-5194507

Alexandria Center

630 Al-Horya Road, Janaklees

Alexandria, Egypt.
Tel. No : 203-5858917
Fax No : 203-5858917