Hello, every body
this is my first time here, and i found the forum very intereting , and i am very happy and surprised with the arabic 3d games made by some of brother
my name is Safwen,22, student at the Tunisia Polytechnic School, i am a good programmer at Vb6, and i am interested in graphics and multimedia, i am dreaming of making a 2d hight quality vb game, actually i am working on an Engine that can facilitate the work and i am hesitating between dx7 or dx8 because i learned the basics of dx7 first, and after that i realized that dx8 is more easy to work with : no more direct draw and other things
if some one can help me by some books on vb6, or by his experience i'll be thankful
this is my mail: saf_soft@yahoo.fr
and of course i can help by what i know on vb and directx
My friends, go ahead and God bless you