Wild Tears
Tears all over my eyes
Warm enough to hold the thorn
With this tears
I can see better world
A blurry fractured world

So I'm crying for nothing
Crying to everything
And the world feeling better
Satisfied by my never ending cries

Now my tears lead me blind
Can't see the world smiles
Sadness has ran over my heart
My tears have dried
Can't this feel so true

I can't go on
With this disguise
Uncover this face of mine
And look to the truth
In my naked eyes

A new reason for me to cry
With all this destruction around
A new blurry world but with disguise
All this insanity and loud cries
Beautiful sounds to hear

The suffer of the others
Was always in the mind
And hatred was inside
And with this wild tears
You can see it all around

So never close your eyes
And see all this pain
Floating in the sky
Sucking you in
To drawn in his screaming dance
And remember that you
Always have to cry

Hope you like it brothers