Image Lounge1.2 & Color.Finesse.v1.5.4.for.Adobe.AE.and.Premiere.Inc l.Keygen

De******ion: hi guys, i m releasing this as a full working plguin as in my earlier post these two were both demo mode. Please Note : Color Finesse v1.5.4 has been released here as Color Finesse v1.5.6 is in demo mode and cud not get a working crack for it. by that time, i will be luking for the solution of the later version.


Here is come info on these two cool plugins :

Syntehtic Aperture Color Finesse v1.5.4 Color Finesse gives you the high-end color correction and enhancement tools you need both as a plug-in for your favorite application—including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro—and as a standalone application. Because the standalone Color Finesse is not limited by restrictions imposed by a host application, it offers improved workflow, video handling, and project management. No special video card or second monitor needed. Color Finesse works on systems from laptops to multi-processor workstations. Plug-in or application, you choose the workflow that fits your style. __________________________________________________ __________ Red Giant Image Lounge v1.2 Overview

Image Lounge contains a set of over 20 stylistic filters to make dynamic images or motion ****. Replicate natural elements like fire, smoke, and water. Add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, color mapping, and accurate camera blurs based on lens artifacts to replicate out-of-focus images shot with a 35mm-film camera. Over 20 filters for making dynamic images or motion ****. Dozens of parameters for controlling particle size, color, velocity, and direction. Numerous **** effects for simulating an animated typewriter **** and credit rolls. Uses Simulate the most realistic fire and cloud formations. Add grunge to ****, simulate mirage effects, or outline moving images. Accurately project an object’s shadow onto a surface. Generate rolling credits from a **** file. ____________________________________________
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